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Dream Girls

Phi Tau Dream Girls are sorority women who go out of their way to show support to the chapter in any way possible. We value their contribution to us, and in turn we like to recognize them officially as part of our core support system at Belmont.

Katie Curran.jpeg

Alpha Gamma Delta

Katie Curran

We are indebted to you for always showing up and showing out! You always treat people with kindness like Harry Styles, and we can’t believe that we’re lucky enough to have you in our lives

Gina DeChristopher.jpeg

Phi Mu

Gina DeChristopher

We can’t believe how committed you are to all the brothers! You proudly represent Phi Tau and we applaud you for that! There’s never a dull moment with you in the room! Thank you for being such role model to us! You always support our chapter, and we will always support you! 

Alison Sell.jpeg

Alpha Sigma Tau

Alison Sell

You make all of us crumble to our knees with your genuine charisma. You are someone we could all stand to be a little more like, and we are so glad to have you around! Thank you for your kind and caring personality that Phi Tau cherishes so much

Farris Turner.JPEG

Kappa Alpha Theta

Farris Turner

You have such a heart of gold! You make the whole room shimmer with your presence. We love that you are always going out of your way to shower love to all the brothers. We heart you so much! 



Raquel Lusk

Thank you for always being around and bringing a smile to all of our faces. We love you immensely and are so thankful for what you do for us!

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