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Executive Council



Ellis Stafford - Sophomore

Ellis's responsibilities as the president of ΦKT include but are not limited to: serving as the representative and executive officer of our chapter, officiating all chapter meetings, and serving as the bridge between our chapter and our national fraternity. 


Vice President

Gabe Randolph - Sophomore

Gabe's job at ΦKT involves heading committees, presiding over our Executive Council, and backing up the President whenever he needs help. 


Brotherhood Chairman

Wes Rolin - Junior

As the Brotherhood Chairman of ΦKTWes's job is checking in on all the brothers, planning internal events, and fostering the spirit of brotherhood within our chapter. 


Community Service Chairman

Blake Vaezi - Junior

As the Community Service Chairman of ΦKT, Blake is responsible for the organization of volunteer events for the brothers to help improve the area around us and connect us to our community. 


Membership Orientation Officer

Seth Hair - Senior

As the Membership Orientation Officer of ΦKT, Seth acts as a teacher and counselor to the associate members of our organization, and properly initiates our new brothers. 


Philanthropy Chairman

Sam Piatt - Junior

As the Philanthropy Chairman of ΦKT, Sam captures the spirit of our fraternity's National Philanthropy by hosting regular philanthropic events for the brothers to benefit different causes such as our chosen charity, SeriousFun Children's Network. 


Recruitment Chairman

Brayden Watkins - Sophomore

As the Recruitment Chairman of ΦKT, Brayden is the designer and director of all recruitment events, and is responsible for attracting potential new members to our fraternity during rush week in the fall and spring semesters. 



Brock Chambers - Senior

As the Secretary of ΦKT, Brock is responsible for writing official correspondence of the chapter, compiling reports, and maintaining records of attendance and the fraternity itself. 


Social Chairman

Braxton Lazarus - Junior

As the Social Chairman of ΦKT, Braxton plans all social events, both formal and informal, connects our fraternity to the other Greek Life Organizations on campus, and runs our chapter's social media profiles. 



Gunnar Jauch - Junior

As the Treasurer of ΦKT, Gunnar is in charge of designing and maintaining the budget, managing a record of all expenses, and acts as the overall money guru of our fraternity. 


Vice President of
Alumni Relations

Sam Sackstein - Junior

As the Vice President of Alumni Relations of ΦKT,  Sam is in charge of communication with alumni of our chapter where he informs them of news, announcements, or events where they can be involved. 

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