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Wanting to join?

Are you a young man at Belmont University wanting to get involved in a good organization? Wanting to find a sense of community on campus? Wanting to make friends with men of similar interests? Then you should join Phi Kappa Tau!

The men of Phi Kappa Tau at Belmont are dedicated to improving the world around them. Full of opportunities of leadership, responsibility, and teamwork, Phi Tau is a catalyst of lifetime success. We believe in the spirit of fraternity and we are not brothers by title alone. We have members from all walks of life, and a place for everyone to fit in. 


Go Phi Tau

If you feel ready to make the move to join, we would love to see you at Rush Week. We host one week in the fall for upperclassmen, and one in the spring for freshman. But don't wait until then to start the process, in the meantime fill out our interest form below!

See you at Rush!
For any questions contact:

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